Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Aztec inspiration!

So a friend of mine has been missing his hometown in California and now that he's back for a little summer break I'm getting updates via Whatsapp and this particular picture of his brother inspired my for my latest nail art!
I know you all just see the bottle of alcohol!!! But on the right you can check out his aztec inspired t-shirt! And hence my nails now, look something similar(ish-ly) like this-->
Now I have the worst dexterity, but these look semi decent 'cuz I used lots of different colours and a sharpie lol. I hear you nail experts gasping in shock but this is the only way us mere mortals can rock this look! Enjoy and I hope it inspires you all xxx

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Forever 21- New York!

So my betrothed and my future in laws are back and I felt so special cuz I absolutely got showered with gifts. I love them all and I really wanted to share a few special things I got!

Of course I had to nudge my boyfriend in the right direction with huge *hints* I threw his way, but he got me some great stuff! I have no idea why this photo is upside down, but isn't this mint absolutely beautiful!! I love the gold chain strap with it!
 I love this nude bag with gold accents. It's also forever 21 and it goes with everything!
 I'm so sorry for all the photos facing weird ways! I love any jewelry with 'love' on it and this necklace adds perfectly to my collection. I also love the Harry Potter scar necklace and at $1.80 its a steal! I love that my boyfriend knows me so well and I'm like a proud girlfriend 'cuz I've taught him well as to how to to find a bargain!! Lol :)
 Can't wait to wear these earrings, with LO on one ear and VE on the other, they again add to my love collection perfectly!
 Absolute steal! Sunglasses necklace for $1.80!!
 This Coach crossbody bag was a gift from my future father in law. I'm in love with it! For anyone looking to invest in it (it retails for $148) be wary of the ones that come in the black or brown colour! I've read plenty of reviews of how it fades in just a month or so of use.
 My future mum in law got me this. I love everything VS and I absolutely love the angel wings zip detail on this cosmetic bag. i think this retails for about USD $18?
 Urgh! No idea about the photo facing the wrong way, anyway this was from my brother in law. I'm excited to use the bath and body works lotion. The St Ives apricot scrub is something I've used for years and I absolutely love!
 This mint Fossil bag is a gift from his aunt in California. It was marked down from $176 to $127!! Can't wait to use it :)
 His aunt in Texas sent me this, I love my perfumes! I've never tried anything from Oscar de la Renta so I'm looking forward to this!!
 Primer is such an important part of your make up! I'll show you the difference with eyeshadow application with and without this Mac vibrancy eye primer. This was something I asked my man to get me. It's pricy for $30 a bottle, but it does last you months and I only apply it for evening wear.
 I go mental when I lose little pencil leads from my pencils so this Sharpie liquid pencil is a lifesaver for me. Absolutely genius idea Sharpie!! It's also safe to have young children use, I know so many little kids that just eat that sharp pencil lead!!
This nude crossover from Forever 21 is on my wishlist. It's got this beautiful pink outline and its only $20! I saw this the other day and swooned, till I saw all the purses I'd got and then fainted! Hahaha :) So all in all, this was a good sunday. I'm just gonna lie here in my purses till you guys check it all out. xxx

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I love my perfumes! I've got at least 15 different ones, you know, different one's for different occasions. But these are my standard three at the moment.

1. Victoria Secret Gorgeous- I use this for everyday wear. It's just a body spray but the fragrance lingers for so long I absolutely love it. I feel okay wearing this at the hospital too- a stronger perfume wouldn't be appropriate to wear when you're working with patients I think. So this works for me at work, or the gym or whatever.

2. Marks & Spencers In Bloom- I LOVE lemon meringue tarts and when I wear this, that is exactly what I smell like. I wear this to the movies, running errands or when picking up groceries. The base notes for this one are lime blossom and bergamot.

3. Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison- Although a bit pricey, I've stuck with CD's Poison line since 2000. A good 13 years later this is still my signature perfume, for date night or a posh evening out. It really reflects my personality and works great for evening wear 'cuz its really strong and lasts forEVER! Poison, Hypnotic Poison, Pure Poison, Midnight poison- I've owned them all and I love the enticing fragrance of all of them!
I <3 CD and this is exactly what it makes me feel like!!

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Saturday, July 06, 2013

I go overboard yet again!

All my friends always say that I paint my nails a nice colour but then I mess it all up by adding stickers, nail art or accents. You decide!!

They said my green/bluey nails looked perfect before I blotched it up with the pink! Have I gone overboard yet again???

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Love letters

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I found an old picture of my nails that I'd done last year. I call them "Love Letters" :) There's plenty of tutorials for this on the web and they're so easy to do!

Another thing that's been occupying my mind is engagement rings ('cuz I'm getting one soon!) and all I do pretty much is browse them on Pinterest. I've found one that's just breathtaking! Its a 'rose diamond'!

Stacking rings

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I absolutely love stacking rings and I found these really cool copper coloured ones in a sale! (Sorry about my chipped nails)

Here's some I saw on pinterest. They'd look pretty kick ass stacked up!

On another note, how funny is this!! Vajazzle!!! Hahahaha!