Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Love letters

♥ Ice cream and unicorns ♥

I found an old picture of my nails that I'd done last year. I call them "Love Letters" :) There's plenty of tutorials for this on the web and they're so easy to do!

Another thing that's been occupying my mind is engagement rings ('cuz I'm getting one soon!) and all I do pretty much is browse them on Pinterest. I've found one that's just breathtaking! Its a 'rose diamond'!


  1. Cute nails!
    And that ring! Beautiful!

  2. Don they have that typical news paper wali ishtyle, those nails ? How did you do that?

    And yeah congratulations :P

    1. Thank you!! :)
      And yup, the newspaper style is what I was going for!

  3. Love these nails, I haven't done mine like this in so long, will have to do them again :) Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) xx


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